About Coercion

Aim of conference:

The conference complies with a number of key BCU targets including:

  • support of emerging nations
  • expertise exchange
  • research planning
  • reputational enhancement of Betsi Cadwaladr University (BCU)
  • direct clinical improvements for patients in BCU in the fields of coercion and aggression management¬†through knowledge transfers
  • Improvement of clinical skills for staff in India and empowerment of local nursing staff

In detail, the conference brings together a number of internationally renowned researchers from the European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group (EViPRG), of which Prof P Lepping is a member, and key clinical and political figures from Karnataka State and Mysore Region. The European members include

  • Prof R Whittington who recently did a review of risk assessment tools for the DoH
  • Prof J Duxbury who recently led the inquiry into restraint related deaths in the England and Wales for the Ministry of Justice
  • Dr R Almvik, head of research in forensic psychiatry in Central Norway and president of EViPRG
  • Prof T Steinert who is an expert on aggression management guidelines (he chaired the committee that set guidelines for Germany), as well as benchmarking, organisational change¬†and quality improvement
  • Dr F Flutters who has experience in running workshops on the management of violence in resource limited countries and others
  • Dr R van der Sande who is a member of the EU strategy group for suicide prevention
  • Prof T Kallert who organised the 1st coercion in psychiatry conference in Dresden in 2007 and EUNOMIA (EU funded project on psychiatric coercion in the EU)

The conference will cover clinical and managerial aspects including the newest research on coercion, benchmarking hospitals, research on strategies to implement organisational changes and workshops for clinical and managerial staff. Speakers and workshop leaders will be half European and half Indian to maximise learning opportunities for all participants, including senior staff. This will lead to the improvement of local expertise as well as BCU staff. Dr M Krishna and Prof BN Raveesh will also make sure that local initiatives will be established to enhance local psychiatric care. Profs Poole, Robinson and Lepping run a number of research projects in Mysore already with Prof Raveesh and Dr M Krishna. The meeting will allow a number of key meetings to discuss the progress of current and future projects. We hope to meet key members of the Indian Psychiatric Society to forge further links with India. BCU will be a significant sponsor of these links. The knowledge transfer will improve direct clinical in India and BCU, as key players in BCU's initiatives against violence and aggression (Prof P Lepping, Dr B Tehan, Mr S Pyke) will participate. The BCU participants include clinical